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Become a Pollished Pruner



Learn proper pruning techniques from our landscape professionals:
  • The how, where, when and why to cut
  • Tool recommendations
  • Pruning differences between perennials, shrubs and small trees
  • We will demonstrate pruning techniques on your own property, on your own plants
  • Includes a pruning reference guide so you can remember all the key pruning facts you learned
For an additional fee:
  • Get a list of improvements and ideas for your yard to look it’s best
  • Optional soil test and plant list  |

Take a
Includes a plant ID with our landscape experts. You will finally know if that plant is a weed or not and at the end you'll get a customized to-do-list so you can hit your garden goals.

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Win The
Lawn Game
Our myth-busting experts take you on a tour of your lawn. Get real expert advice as well as a soil test and a custom care guideline. Your custom care guideline is only an appointment away.

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Host a
Invite your friends over and host your own garden party. You get the bubbly and Linda K. Lillie, President, Senior Designer and Plant Expert will answer all of your questions as well as provide a pruning demonstration! You are guaranteed to learn something new and have some fun!

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